Many times due to a virus affected the file and data of our pen drive or memory card becomes hidden. As a result, no files or folders are visible And in this situation, many users think that the files have been deleted due to the virus. then we format our pen drive and lost our data permanently. However, we can get all our data back using a simple technique. So you should not format your pen drive in this situation.
Let's start and see what that simple trick is.

How To Show Hidden Data,Show Hidden Data

Steps To Show Hidden Data:

  • Go your Windows search option and Type cmd,  and You will see "Command Prompt" application.
  • Now Right-click on Command Prompt  and click on Run as Administrator
  • Now check your Pen drive Drive letter. (Example: Your Drive Letter I) then type on command prompt I: and press Enter.
  • Now Type this code: attrib -h -r -s  /s /d and press Enter.
  • Done. Now access your pen drive and check here a folder without name.
  • Now access this folder and see that all your data is here.
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  1. Thanks for share, if you have lost your data with virus attack you should not format card immediately, you can find your important data with this process. If you want to know more, Please check out here :


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