How to get Bitcoin Wallet Address on Coinbase?

What’s a bitcoin wallet Address?

A bitcoin wallet is similar to a bank account number, but it look like an Encrypted  address. It used in bitcoin transactions. When someone sends you Bitcoin, they will send it to this wallet.
You can get your bitcoin wallet address with a Coinbase only takes a few steps.You will also find other crypto addresses by following these steps.
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How to get Bitcoin Wallet Address:


Sign in your Coinbase Account.
Click on Profile icon at the top right-hand corner of the page and then Click on Settings.

Go to Crypto addresses.

Select Bitcoin form All assets list and Click on Create new address.

Done! Now you will see your Bitcoin address.


Click on Receive option at the top right-hand corner of the Coinbase dashboard.

Select I Understand.

Done! Now you will see Your Bitcoin address.

Well Done! Hopefully you have successfully created your bitcoin ‍wallet address, And now you are able to create all other crypto addresses.

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