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Activate Microsoft Office 2016 Without Any Software

Active Microsoft Office 2016:

To Active Microsoft Office 2016 Without any Software Follow the steps below.

Step 1. Copy the Code below:

Step 2. Open Notepad and  Paste the Code into the text file.

Office 2016 Activation Code

Step 3. Choose "Save As" to save it as a batch file (Named: "OfficeActivation.bat"). and Change "Save as type" to "All files(*.*)"

Make Office 2016 Activation Batch File

Step 4. Run this batch file with Administrator Privilege.

Office 2016 Activation Run As Admin

Step 5. Wait a few Seconds.

Office 2016 Activation

Done your Product is successfully activated!

Office 2016 Successfully Activated

Step 6. Close Command Prompt. Check Microsoft Word or any Office file to see Microsoft Office 2016 activated.

Office 2016 Activation Verify

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